LED-based moving lights

The best choice for rental firms that want high quality, high performance lights with low running costs.

The models can be classified into the following main categories: - AXCOR moving heads, which use white light LED sources with a very high light output, combined with a system of traditional devices to create colors and effects. The Axcor family includes a wide range of models with different powers, able to cover all areas of use. They range from the 880 Watts of the Axcor Profile 900 to the 110 Watts of the Axcor Beam 300. In between are the new Profile and Wash 600 series fixtures and the Profile and Spot 400 series units. Each light is available in two versions: one model that focuses on light output and another that enhances color rendering (a CRI of at least 90). - The HY B-EYE and B-EYE lights, which are multifunctional units with RGBW LEDs. They have three operating modes, and are designed for maximum versatility of use: wash mode, with beautiful colors and an exceptional zoom; beam mode that produces thin parallel beams that can be controlled individually; and a mode for aerial visual effects, thanks to a rotating front lens and individual control of LEDs. There are also the B-EYE CC fixtures, which are versions with wash light function only. - K-EYE units, which are wash lights with HCR technology, designed specifically for the most professional uses. They fit a six-chip LED source (RGB plus amber, cyan and lime) run by an Osram software algorithm, and reach CRI values that have never been achieved before by any other LED wash light. - RGBW and CC version A.Leda wash lights, which are very bright with a less elaborate optical system than in B-Eye and K-Eye units. - The SharBar and ShowBatten, which are moving RGBW LED bars with advanced features, including the possibility of controlling each LED individually. This means these units can produce totally new multi-beam effects.

NEU: Mini-B
Axcor Profile 900
Axcor Profile 600
NEU: Axcor Wash 600
NEU: Axcor Profile 400
NEU: Axcor Spot 400
Axcor Beam 300
Axcor Spot 300
Axcor Wash 300
Show-Batten 100

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